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Sherlock Holmes - The Atlantean Conundrum outline by SavageScribe Sherlock Holmes - The Atlantean Conundrum outline by SavageScribe

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'The world's greatest detective is after one of the greatest historical mysteries: was the lost continent of Atlantis real?'

Something I had worked on for a time, with a mind to submit to Titan Books, who do two different series of Sherlock Holmes novels (including reprints like The Veiled Detective, The Whitechapel Horros and The Peerless Peer, as well as original works like Gods of War, The Thinking Engine and A Betrayal In Blood). I did submit it, but was rejected, though it was civil and I am thankful for their time. Never one to wste, I decided to move onto to other projects and instead, put it on here.

I still felt it worth uploading, as it always gives me a gauge of how far I've come in my creative journey, as well as serve as a useful tool to upcoming writers. I feel not enough attention is given to early drafts, which is where a lot of the hard work in writing comes from. By doing this, I hope to bring a little more attention to them.

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June 19, 2017
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