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Very Strange Things - Pilot: The Town of Miracles by SavageScribe Very Strange Things - Pilot: The Town of Miracles by SavageScribe

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'Just what are the true intentions of a strange Angel with the power to revive the dead, and what is it doing in a rural English town?`
The (former) pilot for my own animated series, an action adventure mystery series set in an anthropomorphic world. Loosely inspired by serialised stories I wrote a good near decade ago on DA.

Predating this, there was a prior version from last year, albeit based more closely on the old stories:…

Some major turnaround has occurred with regards to my premier creative enterprise. Following the departure of a valued member, the show has temporarily undergone some modifications to accommodate the new production circumstances. This including junking this version of the pilot as upon review. It just wasn't viable as a commercial pilot, mainly due to the rather morose subject matter (good luck getting this on saturday mornings or weekday afternoons) and just feeling that this would work a lot better as a regular episode down the line to really explore the concept and not be bogged down by character introductions and series setup.

For the whole story of the show's development, be sure you check out the blog…

Also, be sure to catch the next episode here:…
WinxMewGirl Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I really liked this! Dan and Rise make quite an interesting team. Reading through all the action kept me on my toes. ^^ Too bad this script can't be used anymore. Hopefully you'll have better luck with the new script!
SavageScribe Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015  Professional Filmographer
thank you
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June 28, 2015
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